TRADERS: The Programs are generated by, the ten LEGAL TRADERS in the World. 02. They are signed with FED (Federal Reserve of America). 03. They are controlled by Interpol. 04. They can “Buy/Sell”, Monetize, Bank Documents (MTN, BG, SKR etc.). 05. Traders perform five buy/sell from the Stock Markets daily. 06. All Programs go through ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Paris. 07. All Programs 100M and up… pay 50% weekly. 08. Traders control and Represent the Platforms. 09. Traders if behind Budget, they perform “SPOT” to secure to meet Obligations. 10. Traders CAN Bullet, Compound, Renew the Program every year, 5 years or up to 15 years in order to Leverage profits

PLATFORMS: 01 They are sort of Brokers, 02 They are Clients Investors Providers, 03 There are some Platforms working directly for FED

CLIENT / INVESTOR: 01 Must provide POF (Prove Of Funds), 02 Letter Bank to Bank, 03Copy of Passport (140% size) KYC

INVESTMENTS: 01 Usually starts at 100M investment, 02 Exceptions… you can find Programs at 500K or 1M up…


Customary standards and practices that apply to normal, conventional business, investing and finance, apply to “trading/transaction-programs”. Personal business and financial success have virtually nothing to do with who you are and what you know, but almost everything to do with what you are and whom you knows.

(1) It is a “privilege” to be invited to participate in one of our Private Placement Transaction Programs. It is in all cases not an Investors “right.” to participate without invitation. These programs deliver unparalleled yields in combination with absolutely no program-related risk. The trading administrators and managers have a virtually endless supply of financially qualified applicants. All things considered, the trading administrators and their banks will favour the applicant who provides the best paperwork.

(2) An applicant should never underestimate what the trading entities know about him. Failure to provide full disclosure will disqualify the disingenuous.

(3) Generally, these programs exist to finance humanitarian projects, not to generate more money for the wealthy. Clients who have such projects usually receive preferred treatment and the highest yields.

(4) Clients must first prove that they are qualified, not the other way around. Until the client is accepted by Compliance, the Traders and Trading Banks, no placement can occur. The US Patriot Act has introduced obligatory stringent compliance procedures, which lengthens the time required to receive clearance. Client will always need to confirm his Assets, Funds, and Collaterals with Swift Confirmation MT760 after receipt trading contract.

(5) Face-to-face interviews with compliance officers and program management are occasionally required, but generally not necessary, only conference calls between client and trading group.

(6) Any arrogant or demanding personality will be rejected.

(7) By individual Investors, only the principal owner of funds is required as signatory, no lawyers, mandataries, etc. Corporations must empower an Officer or Director as sole, exclusive signatory by using a Corporate Resolution.

(8) Not only do the funds have to be on deposit in a top bank; it must also be in an acceptable Western (preferably) jurisdiction. If not, the funds must be moved to an acceptable jurisdiction, or else responsibly endorsed by an acceptable bank in an acceptable venue.

(9) It is a felony fraud to submit documents or financial instruments that are forged, altered or counterfeit. Such papers are promptly referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for immediate criminal prosecution and the client and his facilitators will be immediately “blacklisted”.

(10) The practices, procedures and rules are determined by the US Federal Regulatory Authorities, Western European Central Banks program management, licensed traders and trading banks. It is their decision whom to accept and whom to reject. Contract terms, yield, schedules, etc., are made to fit their needs and schedules and not the caprices or demands of the investors and/or intermediaries.

(11) This marketplace is highly regulated and strictly confidential, and absolute confidentiality by the investor is a key element of virtually every contract. A client who breaks confidentiality will precipitate instant cancellation of this contract, often with severe legal consequence.

(12) Submission of the application documents to more than one management group at a time is termed “shopping.” If an investor “shops” he can expect that this fact shall be quickly disseminated and known among the program management groups who maintain close communication, and he will then be accepted by none – and rejected by all as “blacklisted”.


$300,000.00 = $10 Million Dollar SBLC. Once it is monetized at, 50% would allow us to start with $5 Million Dollars to investment into the “Special Purpose Vehicle Program” to ramp up until we obtain your goal. Approximately 90-130 Days


$550,000.00= $20 Million Dollar SBLC. Once it is monetized at, 50% would allow us to start with $10 Million Dollars to investment into the “Special Purpose Vehicle Program” to ramp up until we obtain your goal. Approximately 90-110 Days


$1,050,000.00 = $50 Million Dollar SBLC. Once it is monetized at, 50% would allow us to start with $25 Million Dollars to investment into the “Special Purpose Vehicle Program” to ramp up until we obtain your goal. Approximately 75-90 Days


These last two examples would be ideal for larger projects.

Based on your initial investment on the SBLC purchased that would determine which Trade Desk we use on behalf of the Trust.

Each desk has its own time frame for us to be entered in the Trade Programs available to us at that time.

All trades are invitation only and when you decide which investment opportunity best fits you, we will move forward to the next step immediately and send you out a Asset Management Agreement. We would welcome you as a new client and it would spell out our role as a 50/50 partner with the funding CEO, to meet the objective set before us.

Once you issue your CIS, POF, and KYC, I will set up a CC for you to speak to the funding CEO, he will go over everything you want to know, and then you will always have direct contact to the CEO/Funder

Your POF can be a screen shot, no more than 3 days old.

Look below at a sample of a screen shot I made, with one of my accounts for POF.

Another Sampler


Multi Step Program via evidence of funds via Swift MT-799, this Program is performed via evidence of funds with confirmation via Swift MT-799, the client funds remains in the client account and not moved at all

ASSET TYPE: Cash Funds Only


DURATION: Evidence of Funds for 12 Months

CONTRACT: The client signs the contract with the Trader; the said contract will specifically guarantee the “principal” amount as well as the guarantee the extraordinary weekly “profits” for the client in the duration of Program

DOCUMENTS: The client must provide of KYC + Update of Bank Statement + Bank Letter

AMOUNT: $100M USD on wards


  • Advance 3% the face value received, paid in 72 Hours after receipt the Swift and verification
  • Bullet Trade Program for 10 Days, with the Profit 200 (%) (Historical) Profit
  • Bullet Trade Program for 30 Days, with the Profit 800 (%) (Historical) Profit
  • Trade Program of 40 Weeks, with the Profit 100 (%) (Historical) Profit
  • * Then the option to enter in Trade Program of 40 Weeks of 3-5 Years Regards


Hi, my name is Fernando Valle Pons named Nando Pons, Spanish nationality, 68 y.o. retired but with energy to continue until I make my last goal as to give back to the society my experience, knowledge and skills.

As a professional, I have been in Management since early age. I have to admit that I pose a special talent and I make companies grow 800% in matter of few months (not years). I am also a Businesses Model Designer with a number of Businesses on file that I would pass on to my Business Associates.

I am also a Legal Representative of clean technologies. See information posted on this site.

You should know that to do business with me includes a Training Program where you will learn all about Small Caps, HYIP and PPP programs plus all about Investment Programs with Bank Documents. You will receive the links and information of a number of different Platforms and their special Promotions and Programs, a number of Top Banks and specials with their Trading Teams.

You may want to know that I have been involved within China since 2000 and I had residence from 2003 to 2015. I successfully grow over 150 Companies as a Consultant; I implemented 1M and some 2M Investment HYIP programs and generated hundreds of Millions to these Chinese Companies. My last PPP experience was in 2018. Two 100M Investment PPP Programs that are multiplying with a bullet, extended during five years and are going to generate over 6,000 Million € euro.


We register your IBC (International Business Company) in the Caribbean for security and no accounts needed. We open your IBC Bank account in Singapore with no traveling need from your side. We introduce you to the Platform and you are the signatory of the Investment Program therefore you learn firsthand how much you will be paid and also payment date /s. We teach you how to have multi Investment Programs without being default therefore you are not blacklisted and that is the reason 300K become 6,000M in three years-time.

CONTACT: Nando Pons: Facebook / Messenger: Nando Pons Skype:nando.pons_1

Mobile / WhatsApp +34 622835410 / Email [email protected]