Hi there, my name is Nando Pons, Spanish nationality, 67 y., Resident in Spain and China but a worldwide traveler (43 countries / 4 continents) retired but having the best time of my life.

As a Professional, I am:

(1) A Business Consultant. To Private Enterprises, Lobbies, Governments, etc.

(2) A Business Model Designer.

(3) The Legal Representative of various INVENTORS of Clean Technologies.

(4) A Broker in the Investment Programs.  Working for the Best Platforms Direct to Trader (Small Cap, HYIP, PPP, Bank Documents) and Top Banks in the world.

Expert in:

(a)         Investment Programs with Platforms, Legal Traders and Top Banks.

(b)         Clean new Green Technologies; Turbines, Electricity, Water Desalination, Water Motor-Vehicles, Motor self-rechargeable, Solar, Wind and Others

(c)         Worldwide Retirement Plan, Worldwide E-commerce B2C, Worldwide Club Platform, Worldwide Gaming Platform (Risk Free with no Credit / Debit cards charges back), Banking Services,

Now as a Retired Guy and in order to keep myself busy, I will pass on my Huge Business Experience and worldwide Contacts I have to Investors, Business Owners and new Entrepreneurs willing to learn about the Investment Programs, the Business Models I have designed, the Inventors I represent and willing to make a difference.

I have just posted on this website few of the Projects that for sure someone will be very much interested and to prove that I am a trustworthy business champion, I will always start offering a small Financing Program and always under the Dealer / Investor name therefore the Dealer / Investor can never be cheated as his 1 Million ($ or €) will always be protected by an Administration Hold, remain in his Bank Account and after making huge profits during the 5 years Program the Dealer / Investor will take his 1 Million back as the Administration Hold will be released and by that time not only has his 1 Million back available but lots of Millions more from the Business in any of the Industries I am offering.


Nando Pons
Mobile: +34 622835410 (WhatsApp)

Skype: Nando Pons live: nando.pons_1