Hi, My name is Fernando Valle Pons named Nando Pons, Spanish nationality, 67 y.o. with residences in Spain, UK, USA and China since 2003.

I am the promoter of such LOBBY that will provide Clean Technologies, OnLine Businesses and of course millions of Jobs and Huge Wealth to shareholders.

During 2018, I contacted many of the 55 African Governments and I learned that Africa cannot suvive unless they stop paying the enormous annual fee to the country that “gave them” the Independence in the late 19’…. It was clear that they did not get the Independence but the “slavery II” as a more appropriated name.

Now we are already in late 2019 and we see our Planet falling into pieces due to contamination… Tokyo Protocol… Paris Protocol… how many protocols do we need to stop the destruction of our Planet?

You know what! Let’s create our own LOBBY so we create Industries, Develop new and Clean Technologies where I am the Legal Representative of INVENTORS, develop new OnLine Business Models where I am the proven with enormous accomplishment BUSINESS MODELS DESIGNER.

I, Nando, am the LEGAL representative of few INVENTORS that have invented the:

The Water Motor. Other Lobbies interest is that you never get to know that All But all Vehicles (new and old) can move with a Water Motor. (Motorbike, Car, Van, Truck, Boat, Yacht, Catamaran, Transatlantic, Helicopter, Airplane… you name it!) Benefits: (a) Does not use Fossil Energies instead, Releases clean Oxygen to the Atmosphere (b) Huge Savings for Your Pocket. (c) Water can be from the Tab or Sea and you can apply the system to a new Vehicle or Old Vehicle, it is only few spare parts to add to actual Motor Vehicle. There will be no need for Tokyo Protocols or Paris Protocols… or any other Protocol… we will prove that a bunch of unselfish people know how to clean this Planet.

Electricity. (part ONE) You can Pump Water from the Sea or Lake or Dam, and you get many Benefits: (a) Desalinate the Water therefore you have a “Factory” of pure Drinking Water. (b) You can Build an Electricity HUB and produce the amount of Electricity you need (millions of kilowatts) for your Project either if it is a Farm or a Small Village or a Large City. Again a bunch of unselfish people will prove to the world that we don’t tolerate any longer the death of thousands of children daily for not having the basics… water and electricity.

Electricity. (Part TWO) You can adapt a Turbine to the General Pipe of the water entrance into your Apartments Building or Living Community, Hotel, Hospital, Factory etc. and produce the amount of Electricity you need (millions of kilowatts) for your Project. Again a bunch of unselfish people will prove to the world that we don’t tolerate any longer the death of thousands of children daily for not having the basics… water and electricity.

Rechargeable Battery. Ideal for: (a) All Electric Vehicles as you never go out of Energy. (b) All Yachts|Catamarans because it provides energy without noise to run your Electricity before and after you switch off your Motor. (c) All Electrical Appliances at Home, Yacht… Toaster, Coffee Maker, Cooker, Microwave, Laundry Machine, Dishwasher, Air Condition, Heater, TV sets, Music Center,  etc… you name it!

Buildings Radiations. Due to Electronic devices (Laptops, mobiles, WIFI etc.) All Buildings have sort of radiations that produce various cancers. One of my Inventors has developed a device that eliminates such radiations.


You should also know that I am the ONLINE BUSINESSES MODEL DESIGNER where I experienced my own system with Great Success in the Telecom business (read below) and I can apply my system to many other OnLine Business areas.

Hi to everyone, due that I experienced my own Direct Sales OnLine Nando Business Model back in 1995/6 in the Telecommunication Business with huge success. Sales of over $1.2 Billion USD plus over $100 Million USD as Deposits from the Clients (over one thousand two hundred million USD sales and over $100 million USD as Deposits from the Clients) in 367 days tenure, I can repeat and do it far better in the following Businesses activities where I have made a very conscious Market Research.

Best OnLine Retirement Plan Much Better if you compare with Banks or Insurance Companies… Ahhh! you don’t need to wait until you are 65 to start getting paid… you start getting paid after few months and you are Financially Independent in one year time…

Best OnLine E-Commerce B2C Far Better compare Amazon and AliExpress combined and you have the 100 most household consumed products plus seasonal gifts at your home door. Further, you can win a Vacation with the Monthly Vacations internal Lottery Prized and for sure You Become Financial Independent in one year as an (ACR) Affiliate Client Referral.

Best Online Advertising and Business Center a sort of Facebook but much more profitable plus the Best Platform as a Business Center, Job Center, Inventors Club seeking Investors, Investors Club seeking novelties and projects, Crowd Funding Club etc.

Best OnLine Bank where the BANK provides Bank Accounts at $X per month and Debit Cards at $X per month for each of your ACR and in each of your Businesses. Soon in the millions as no one leaves the activity. They become Clients for good.

As I am aware that as a Banker you probably know nothing how to run a Bank, I have also organized that a top worldwide Bank runs the Bank activity and charges you the rack rack from your Clients Debit cards usage therefore you have the $X from the Accounts and $X from the Cards net earnings each month and for each Client in each OnLine of your activities.

Further with the Bank Accounts minimum balances I will teach you how to exercise PPP Investment Programs of 100M ($ or €) value that pays you minimum $6,000 Million every 40 weeks (1 year Banking days)


I, Nando, will take advantage of who I am, who I represent, and make that the LOBBY exercises HUMANITARIAN Small Cap, HYIP and PPP investment programs and all my NGO earnings go to THE CARIBBEAN COUNTRIES THAT I PROMOTE ( Saint Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica and Santa Lucia) to provide Free Clean Drinking Water, Free Clean Electricity Energies, Agriculture Programs, Chicken Farms, Fish Farms Factories, Shelter, Schools, Medical Programs etc. to people in need mostly Women and Children and I, Nando, will also promote that my AGENCIES, INVESTORS and INVENTORS NGO’S exercise the same Charity Programs.

To become a Shareholderof the LOBBY, you MUST BE:

One of the first 1,000 (one thousand) of 1M € Investorsin the HUMANITARIAN INVESTMENT PROGRAM where you will receive the same amount of shares value upon your 1M € Humanitarian Investment Program.

One of the first 100 Agencies including the Agents, Students, Teachers, Colleges / Universities plus of course the Investors already mentioned.

My Nando´s INVENTORS, they already are Shareholders because the LOBBY reasons are their Technologies and my (Nando’s) OnLine Businesses Models.

The COUNTRIES, Caribbean, Central & South American, African, Asian, Australia and Pacific Rim NGO´S that participate in Ratify (Official Approval) Endorse and Certifying the Inventors Technologies and the OnLine Businesses Model Designs.

My, Nando´s Humble NGOtherefore I can continue my legacy…

ESTIMATE VALUE OF THE LOBBY? At this stage… no idea… like 10 Amazon’s combined?… what is your idea… having in account the Clean and New Technologies, the sophisticated OnLine Businesses Models that altogether shall provide millions of Jobs and staggering daily earnings to the Shareholders… the only things that matters now is to be there among the first 1,000 Investors and the first 100 Agencies where Shares are a gift.

Nando Pons
Mobile:+34 622835410 (WhatsApp) Email: nando.pons@gmail.com Skype: Nando Pons nando.pons_1