Today’s information is a feedback to last week massive response to my Email information, in reference to:


 NEW & CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES your Company will enjoy a License direct with the Inventors without any need to pay any Patent  therefore your License grants you permission to build assembly premises, assemble equipment, distribute and sell equipment and exercise any massive project.

TOURISM your Company will be able to build Marine Yards, assemble Catamarans, and implement new and clean technologies

ONLINE BUSINESSES As I, Nando, I am the Businesses Model Designer in all proposed ONLINE businesses, I will sit down with your Key Management and together we will develop a written manual as a consulting tool and you will implement the Businesses at your convenient time.

 INVESTMENT PROGRAMS, Small Cap, HYIP and PPP Investment Programs… RISK FREE investments with Administration Hold or Swift Document where historically… see sampler.

5M Small Cap PPP available. Funds need to be in top 25 banks in Western Europe, or Hong Kong. The funds need to be-blocked by a non-callable MT760. Historical returns 300% gross-in 30 days, thereafter 50% per week of the leveraged amount for 40 weeks.

DISCLAIMER: NANDO is not a United States Securities Dealer, Broker, Real estate broker or US Investment Adviser. By reading this information enclosed, you agree, acknowledge and accept that this is a privileged, proprietary and confidential communication and you agree to keep it private. The sender is a Consultant and makes no warranties or representations as to the Buyer, Seller or Transaction. All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller. This Agreement and the attached related documents are never to be-considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content. Upon receipt of these documents, the Recipient hereby acknowledges this Disclaimer.

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AGENCY, you should know that I am ready for closing a deal with you and if we do so, I will require:

  2. We sign the Nando – Agency Agreement. In such Agreement, I require that you the Agency exercise a 5M Small Cap PPP and from the staggering non-refundable earnings payout you will receive, we both can finance our own businesses, and you compensate me with a 10% for me to register my own NGO (Non-Government Organization) and a 2% for me to register my IBC (International Business Company


AGENCY, remember that you can chat with me over Skype at: nando.pons_1

Available time on working days from 10 am to 13 pm and from 17 pm to 19 pm Monday to Friday, Spanish time.


Nando Pons
Mobile: +34 622835410 (WhatsApp) Email: Skype: Nando Pons nando.pons_1


I, Nando, will take advantage of who I am, whom I represent and make that my NGO exercises HUMANITARIAN. Small Cap, HYIP and PPP investment programs and all my NGO earnings will go to provide Free Clean Drinking Water, Free Clean Electricity Energies, Vertical Agriculture Programs, Chicken Farms, Fish Farms Factories, Shelter Hurricane Resistant Housing, Schools, Medical Programs, etc. to people in need mostly Women and Children.