About me; my name is Fernando Valle Pons (named Nando Pons), Spanish nationality, and resident in Guangzhou since 2003, China, but lately in England and Spain for medical leave.

I am fully recovered and I expect to be back in Guangzhou soon and while I am still away, I will organize a team of Chinese people who can work as Part time or Fulltime in a complete new activity and compatible with your actual job.

My actual job is Director of a Platform direct to Trader in HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) and PPP (Private Placement Programs). Governments or Institutions cannot exercise such Investment Programs but private-individuals or businesspeople.

​To run one of these Platforms direct to Trader, you have to be invited by one of the seven (7) Legal Traders in the world. (Be careful there are thousands of scammers Traders wannabe on the Internet but legal, just seven (7).​

You are invited if you fulfill their requirements after a full due diligence (investigation) about yourself, criminal records, work experience, special talents etc.

I have been very fortunate to be invited and further because of my talents, they have approved my Business Model which I will explain to the ones that join me.

My goal is to “hire” 100 Freelance professionals in China that can build Sales Teams as Individual Agents to market (sale) Investment programs valued in $5,000.00 USD where the Investor earns 50% per month during 10 months Banking Program therefore $2,500.00 per month during ten months and renew such Investment Program every year during a maximum of 15 years.

The Agent that has introduced the Investor, while investor earns $2,500.00 USD, Agent earns $1,000.00 USD per month during ten months and if Investor renews such Investment Program every year during a maximum of 15 years the Agent keeps earning.

And my “Staff” that introduced the Agent, earns $100 USD… again during the 10 months Program etc.


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