There is an Industry INVESTMENT PROGRAMS that not many people know it exists and is a sort of Secondary Banking system. (Underground Banking System)

In such Banking System, Traders and Top Banks perform:

  • SMALL CAP investments with great results. 50K up…
  • HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) with excellent results. 1M up…
  • PPP (Private Placement Programs) with amazing results. 100M up…

To join these Programs is by Invitation ONLYand you are invited if you have a clean criminal record and the funds are also from clean businesses

I, Nando, joined these Investment Programs after ONE of the (10 only) legal Traders invited me to join in, obviously I passed the Due Diligence and my Professional records (CV / Resume) proved my business talents and  that I have a very clean criminal records.

Today (late November 2018)…

I am honored to present you with a 1M HYIP Program that will pay you 10M in the next 40 Banking weeks (one year total including paperwork) and a possible extension during the next 5 years.

I am also honored to present you with a 5M HYIP Program that will pay you 50M + in the next 40 Banking weeks (one year total including paperwork) and a possible extension during next 5 years.

In the 1M and 5M cases, your money stays in your Bank account so the Trader will block your funds during the term of the Program but cannot touch your money. Again, Risk ZERO.

Here is the deal:

First, we will sign a NON-DISCLOSURE AND NON-CIRCUMVENTION AGREEMENT as a standard international agreement to protect my rights

Second, we will sign our Agreement where it specifies everyone’s earnings percentage in the Agreement that Client / Investor sign with the Trader + Top Bank

You may want to know:

  • There are only 10 Legal Traders in the World exercising Small Cal, HYIP or PPP Investment Programs.
  • These Programs are sponsored by the FED and controlled by Interpol. All Programs go through the ICC in Paris
  • Traders, they can apply SPOT in order to meet minimum annual “sales” Obligations
  • Traders perform with the assistance of Platforms (Brokers or Client Providers)
  • The Trader can Leverage the Investment Program or can Bullet, Compound to multiply Client´s earnings
  • Client goes through Due Diligence and if “INVITED” then has to deliver (A) Prove Of Funds (B) Authorization Letter Bank to Bank (C) Passport Copy

Anyone from the Investment Programs business can figure out that although new in the business, I have had the Best training from the Best Platforms in the business. In fact, one of my Platforms uses the Trading Teams of top seven Banks in the world

CONTACT: Nando Pons

E-mail:  / Mobile… WhatsApp (+34) 622 83 54 10