I am the LEGAL representative of few INVENTORS that have developed:

The Water Motor therefore all vehicles (new and old) is only few parts and vehicle (car, catamaran, helicopter… you name it!) can function with water, from either the tab or sea or ocean

The Electricity (1) producer where you pump water from the sea or ocean, desalinate the water (produce drinking water) and produce millions of kilowatts of free Electricity.

The Electricity (2) producer where you install a turbine under the sink or at the water entrance in your apartment, block of apartments, hotel, hospital, school, offices buildings… and with the pressure you produce kilowatts of free Electricity.

The rechargeable battery producer therefore all Electrical Vehicles or all Household Electrical appliances with this MEV technology you never run out of battery / power.

Other technologies also very effective to clean our Planet.

I am INVITED by one of the only 10 Traders in the world in the PPP (Private Placement Programs) Investment Programs where you invest 1M (one million) RISK FREE and the FED… grants you 20M in 40 weeks program.

I am in contact with over 30 Top Platforms where to exercise Small Cap, HYIP and PPP Investment Programs.

I am in contact with ONE of the BEST Platforms in the World where I can sign a Joint Venture with the Platform, the Trader and Top Banks and exercise 1M (one million euro) RISK FREE Investment Programs that historically pay 50% per week by 40 weeks program and extended during 5 years.

I have LEGAL RESIDENCE in Spain, England, and USA and in China since 2003

I am an INFLUENCER in China with over 10.5 millionaires (Politicians and any Industry Factory Owners) to people that are seeking for their either GOLDEN VISA in SPAIN or their CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT in the five (5) Caribbean countries.

I have a Business Plan that contains a COMPLETE PACKAGE (Visa / Citizenship, Real Estate Property, Catamaran with Water Motor and the MED technology). In addition, my own strategy that allows me to SALE the complete package for 1 Million euros when cost is less than 5 Million euros but my PARTNERS earnings are 30 Million euros NET PROFIT on each “complete package”

Off the record… 117,000 (Visa / Citizenship plus Real Estate property) were sold to Chinese families in 2018

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