Hi there, my name is Nando Pons and I will pass on my legacy to any Entrepreneur or Established Company who would like to develop any of the following activities:

  • In order that you have a complete success, first and foremost you have to build a rock solid FINANCIAL ARM therefore you have to learn about the Small Cap, HYIP, PPP and Bank Documents Investment Programs, who grants them, who controls them and the Rules of the Road.
  • Obviously the best way to learn is by exercising ONE Investment Program… so let’s do a $300K plus $100K to cover all Registrations and cover the KNOW HOW seminar expenses
  • While doing the Training, you will write down your own “Booklet” manual of instructions, the KNOW HOW and all but all links and databases of all businesses and you will develop the ones of your choice.

We register your IBC (International Business Company) in the Caribbean for security and no accounts needed. We open your IBC Bank account in Singapore with no traveling need from your side. We introduce you to the Platform and you are the signatory of the Investment Program therefore you learn firsthand how much you will be paid and also payment date /s. We teach you how to have multi Investment Programs without being default therefore no one is “blacklisted” and that is the reason 300K become minimum 6,000M and maximum 30,000M in three years-time.


  • Hi, my name is Fernando Valle Pons named Nando Pons, Spanish nationality, I am 69 retired but with energy to continue until I make my last goal as to give back to the society my experience, knowledge and skills.
  • As a professional, I have been in Management since early age. I have to admit that I pose a special talent and I make companies grow 800% in matter of few months (not years). I am also a Businesses Model Designer with a number of Businesses on file that I would pass on to my Business Associates.
  • I am also a Legal Representative of clean technologies. See information posted on this site.
  • You should know that to do business with me, will include a Training Program where you will learn all about Small Caps, HYIP and PPP programs, you will receive the links and information of a number of different Platforms and their special Promotions and Programs, a number of Top Banks and specials with their Trading Teams.
  • You may want to know that I have been involved within China since 2000 and I had residence from 2003 to 2015. I successfully grow over 150 Companies as a Consultant; I implemented 1M and some 2M Investment HYIP programs and generated hundreds of Millions to these Chinese Companies. My last PPP experience was in 2018. Two 100M Investment PPP Programs that are multiplying with a bullet, extended during five years and are going to generate over 30,000 Million € euro.

AGENTS & COMPANIES (sales force)

Would you like to earn 10% from the above 300K Investment Programs and 10% from the 100K expenses? You should know that if the Program pays 20M (historically +20M), your 10% earnings will allow you to exercise your own 300K or higher Investment Program.

Please send me your CV / Company activity and complete data/s to my contact below. Thanks


CONTACT: Nando Pons: Facebook / Messenger: Nando Pons Skype:nando.pons_1

Mobile / WhatsApp +34 622835410 / Email [email protected]