Debido a que mi ofrecimiento es para gente que sepan inglés, este botón solo tiene el encabezamiento en Español pero traduzcaselo que le va a gustar y si es un productor de productos Españoles y quiere el mercado de China y ASEANE, esta es su mejor plataforma y si habla Inglés o tiene personal que lo habla correctamente y quiere ser un TEAM ya me lo dirá. Nos podemos ver por Skype.

Hi, My name is Nando Pons, Spanish nationality with residences in Spain, UK, USA and China since 2003. Please allow me to explain all of you the purpose of the information posted here in As a Professional, I have over 40 years in Management experience and I would like to pass on my experience, Business Licenses, Business Platforms / Traders etc. To few TEAMS therefore you can register your IBC’s (International Business Company) and NGO’s (Non-Government Organization) and exercise all businesses you choose from this entire package of opportunities.

Here we go:


I, Nando, am the legal Representative of The Following INVENTORS and their Technologies:


  1. The Water Motor.All But all vehicles can move with a Water Motor. (Car, Van, Truck, Boat, Yacht, Catamaran, Transatlantic, Helicopter, Airplane… you name it!) Benefits: (a) Does not use Fossil Energies instead, Releases Clean Oxygen to the Atmosphere (b) Huge Savings for Your Pocket. (c) Water can be from the Tab or Sea and you can apply the system to a new Vehicle or All Vehicle.


  1. Electricity.(part ONE) You can Pump Water from the Sea or Lake or Dam, and you get many Benefits: (a) Desalinate the Water therefore you have a “Factory” of pure Drinking Water. (b) You can Build an Electricity HUB and produce the amount of Electricity you need for your Project either if it is a Farm or a Small Village or a Large City. (Part TWO) You can adapt a Turbine to the General Pipe of the water entrance into your Building or Living Community and generate Electricity for your entire Neighbourhood.


  1. Battery ReChargeable. Ideal for: (a) All Electric Vehicles as you never go out of Energy. (b) All Yachts|Catamarans because it provides energy without noise to run your Electricity before and after you switch off your Motor. (c) All Electrical Appliances at Home… Toaster, Coffee Maker, Cooker, Microwave, Laundry Machine, Dishwasher, Air Condition, TV sets, Music Center,  etc… you name it!


Hi to everyone, due that I experienced my own Direct Sales OnLine Nando Business Model back in 1995/6 in the Telecommunication Business with huge success. Sales of over $1.2 Billion USD plus over $100 Million USD as Deposits from the Clients (over one thousand two hundred million USD sales and over $100 million USD as Deposits from the Clients) in 367 days tenure, I can repeat and do it far better in the following Businesses activities where I have made a very conscious Market Research.


Best OnLine Retirement Plan Much Better if you compare with Banks or Insurance Companies… Ahhh! you don’t need to wait until you are 65 to start getting paid… you start getting paid after few months and you are Financially Independent in one year time…

Best OnLine E-Commerce B2C Far Better compare an Amazon and an AliExpress combined and you have the 100 most household consumed products plus seasonal gifts at your home step service. Further, you can win a Vacation with the Monthly Vacations internal Lottery Prizes and for sure You Become Financial Independent in one year as an (ACR) Affiliate Client Referral.

Best Online Advertising and Business Center a sort of Facebook but much more profitable plus the Best Platform as a Business Center, Job Center, Inventors Club seeking Investors, Investors Club seeking novelties and projects, CrowdFunding Club etc.

Best OnLine RISK FREE Gaming Platform Businesses with your own Worldwide Clubhouse Games, Clubhouse Lotteries and a Liaison with the Best other Gaming Platforms but your Gaming business Risk Free with no Debit or Credit Cards Charges Back.

Your own OnLine Bank where you provide Bank Accounts at $10 per month and Debit Cards at $10 per month for each of your ACR and in each of your Businesses.

As I am aware that as a Banker you probably know nothing how to run a Bank, I have also organized that a top worldwide Bank runs your Bank and charges you the rack rack from your Clients Debit cards usage therefore you have the $10 from the Accounts and $10 from the Cards net earnings each month and for each Client in each OnLine of your activities.


Spain is very famous for its Food / Beverages / Gourmet / Delicatese Industry as all products are excellent quality. Spanish Companies are year after year the PRIZE WINNERS in all exhibitions. China with over 140 million heavy consumers and another over 100 million from other ASEANE countries, brings a Business Opportunity with almost no limit


You may want to know that I Nando, am from Menorca the Balearic Islands but under my belt, I have been living in Spain several places, UK several places, USA several Places, and China. travelled 4 times all around the world, visited over 1,500 main capitals, cities, resorts, in four continents (Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia) in both times of my life (when pour as a hippy and when an executive and as a millionaire)

I have done a Market Research that includes license of Catamaran PRIZE WINNER manufacturer, Marinas, Nautic Clubs, Mourning Spots, and the entire parafernalia of Shopping Malls, Restaurants, etc. in the Balearic Islands, in the Philippines, in China  in the Caribbean (including a Passport / Citizenship for Investment Program)


There is an Industry INVESTMENT PROGRAMS that not many people know it exists and is a sort of Secondary Banking system. (Underground Banking System) In such Banking System, Traders and Top Banks perform:

  • SMALL CAP investments with great results. 50K up…
  • HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) with excellent results. 1M up…
  • PPP (Private Placement Programs) with amazing results. 100M up…

To join these Programs is by Invitation ONLY and you are invited if you, after a DUE DILIGENCE on yourself, is finally proven that you:

  • Pose great Business Talents
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • You go by the strict Rules and Regulations
  • Fund with the huge earnings, Humanitarian Projects (NGO’s) within your business projects

I, Nando, joined these Investment Programs after ONE of the very few (10 only) legal Traders invited me to join in, once I pass the Due Diligence. My Professional records (CV / Resume) proved my business talents and  that I have a very clean criminal records.

You may want to know:

  • There are only 10 Legal Traders in the World exercising Small Cal, HYIP or PPP Investment Programs.
  • These Programs are sponsored by the FED and controlled by Interpol. All Programs go through the ICC in Paris
  • Traders, they can apply SPOT in order to met minimum annual “sales”  Obligations
  • Traders perform with the assistance of Platforms (Brokers or Client Providers)
  • Trader can Leverage the Investment Program or can Bullet, Compound to multiply Client´s earnings
  • Client goes through Due Diligence and if “INVITED” then has to deliver (A) Prove Of Funds (B) Authorization Letter Bank to Bank (C) Passport Copy

Anyone from the Investment Programs business can figure out that although new in the business, I have had the Best training from the Best Platforms in the business. In fact, one of my Platforms, uses the Trading Teams of top seven Banks in the world.


I, Nando, will take advantage of who I am, who I represent, and exercise HYIP small programs to lead a NGO and all earnings will go to provide Free Clean Drinking Water, Free Clean Electricity Energies, Food, Shelter, Schools, Medical Programs, Agriculture Projects etc. to people in need mostly Women and Children.


​I, Nando, invite groups of 10 people from China, 10 people from Philippines, 10 people from Spain, 10 from Florida USA, to become my teams and exercise all (or as many) above Businesses as OWNERS. (After ONE Investment Programs of 1M from each Team, I am out of the picture) The 10 people I invite, MUST have a clean criminal record, MUST be able to make a small investment of approximately 1,000.00 Euros (one thousand) to build the IBC (International Business Company) infrastructure and 2,000.00 Euros (two thousand) as a Refundable Deposit during few months. (Until first HYIP program starts paying out).

  • Clean Criminal Record. Yes! the TRADER will require that you to pass a Due Diligence and if you have been prosecuted or declared guilty, no chance you will be invited.
  • 1,000.00 Euros Investment. Yes! all you need is a laptop, and share the small cost when registering the IBC.
  • 2,000.00 Euros Refundable Deposit. Yes! I will require that you (the 10 guys) to build a large team of Freelance Agents and perform as soon as possible a 1M HYIP from your Investors in order to capitalize your businesses. At that time you get the Refund.

Note: If happens that one Entrepreneur has Clean Records, can afford the IBC investment infrastructure needs plus the 20,000 Euros Deposit please contact with me Nando, and I will accommodate you.

TEAMS, I believe that I don’t need to tell you which businesses to develop, where to do investments and get millions for FREE from the FED’s etc.

Interested parties please contact with me and if I receive your credentials, I will send you My CV, My Chinese Family Book  ID, Samplers of historical Investment Programs (PPP of 100M that pays 6,000M in 40 weeks) (HYIP of 1M that pays 600K per month) all my Programs can be extended during 5 years and maybe up to 15 years.

Further when confirmed that you want to join as a TEAM member, I will send you the two agreements. One as the NON-DISCLOSURE and NON-CIRCUMVENTION… and the second one as our Agreement.


Nando Pons
Mobile: +34 622835410 (WhatsApp)


Skype: Nando Pons nando.pons_1