If you would like to join us as an active Agent, first you have to be introduced by one of our 100 “Key Staff” members (if you contact us direct, we will assign one of our key staff members). Our Key Staff member will have to process your Clients Investors orders therefore he/she can follow up his/her business.

The second request is that during first year of your activity, you have to introduce us one new active Agent per month (12 in totals in one year) direct to the “Key Staff” member who engaged you as an active Agent. The Key Staff member will keep control and the month you have not introduced as a new active Agent, he/she will earn 30% from your monthly earnings and such 30% will be deducted the following month. My recommendation is that you are all times ahead with the Agent introduction. Remember 12 new Agents in total during your first year of activity.

You as Agent, anytime you introduce a $5,000.00 USD Investor, while he is making $2,500.00 USD per month during 10 month Program, you are paid $1,000.00 USD per month during the same 10 months of the Program.

Once you earn a steady $5,000.00 per month, we will change the rules and you will be getting $5,000.00 USD as fix plus each 10 new Investors Programs you introduce, we will pay you in the form as you earned $5,000.00 USD and join one of the Investors Programs.

As you can read, the earnings potential for any active Agent is enormous.

No Bank, no insurance or retirement plan / program pays out such amounts of earnings but our Platform.

You as an AGENT are allowed:

To have your own Sales Force team where they don´t need to speak English as they deal with you but pay your Sales Force accordingly (don´t cheat on them)

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