I, Nando, am proud to be one Chinese citizen and that is the reason I am going to ask you few things where you will be happy to join and be part of the AFRICA DEVELOPMENT.

  • Any Chinese that can do an investment of 1M € (one million euros) and would like to have a 25 years JOINT VENTURE in Africa please contact with me.


To make sure that NO ONE CHEATS ON YOU, you have:

  • The 1M € (one million euros) Small Cap Program goes under your name (or company)
  • The African Land where the project is subjected as your Guaranty therefore the Land while the Joint venture is active, cannot be sold or engaged as another Guaranty.
  • The 1M € investement is THE BEST INVESTMENT OF YOUR LIFE because:
    • You will earned Hundreds of Millions next 25 years
    • You have contributed to Development in Africa and that is much more than your Millions
    • Thanks to you, Africa will have new schools, universities etc. From my NANDO´S NGO, FRANCISCO´S NGO and many others NGO´S that will join.

CHINESE MANUFACTURERS, you are aware that since 2008 exports have droped 65% therefore it is good time to look for new opportunities and the best choice happens to be AFRICA.

Now is the time to contact me for:

  • Considering to join as an INVESTOR
  • Considering to join a JOINT VENTURE that will cost you ZERO (The building and machinery) and exeptions on taxes and earnings repatriation and enjoy 25 years as a HUB for Africa internal market plus European and Caribbean / Central and South American markets.

AFRICAN CITIZENS, if interested in what you are reading, keep reading all files and you will be able to join the NANDO´S AFRICAN PROGRAM in one way or the other. Thanks

Nando Pons E-mail: nando.pons@gmail.comMobile / WhatsApp + 34 622 83 54 10