In a later stage, we will add the Food and Gourmet goods from Spain with high quality and excellent reputation.

  • Cheese all sort…
  • Wine, Cava, Vinegar…
  • Olive Oil…
  • Ham and all pork derivates…
  • Processed Chickens and all kind of birds…
  • Canned food (meat)
  • Canned food (fish)
  • Canned food (vegetables)
  • Jars food (vegetables)
  • Jars food (jam etc.)

China today has over 140 million people that can afford one of my Investment Programs to multiply their funds and to purchase top quality food and healthy products.

Again, all businesses that have Sales Force and space can make their space as a Business Center or Show Room.

Think about:

  • Trade import / Export companies
  • Shipping / Cargo companies
  • Hotels
  • Food Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Tea houses
  • You name it!

That is also a clue for my Chinese 100 people team where to focus our goals.

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