Hi, My name is Nando Pons, Spanish nationality with residences in Spain, UK, USA and China since 2003.

I came up with the idea of creating a LOBBY of Companies because from one side I am the Legal Representative of a group of INVENTORS that have developed Clean and New Technologies and on the other hand, I am a privileged and successful Business Models Designer.

I count with over 40 years of experience in Company Management. Since early age, I have been in CEO, Vice President, Trade Import / Export, OEM / ODM Management etc positions with astonishing successes overpassing Sales Budget year after year, growing Companies 800% in 3 months tenure… and now Invited by one of the 10 Legal TRADERS in the Small Cap, HYIP and PPP Investment Programs after passing with honors the Due Diligence.

If you the INVESTOR would like to multiply your investment and grow your money and become a shareholder (one of the first 1,000 Investors with free Shares) in the LOBBY (Clean Technologies and OnLine businesses including the Bank) you are in the right place.

You probably know by now that we only perform RISK FREE INVESTMENT PROGRAMS where funds (money) stay in your Bank account and you provide for compliance the following documents are required:

a) Know Your Client (KYC) + copy of Passport / ID.

b) Proof of Funds (POF), Bank Statement signed by two bank officers, Not older than 3 days from date of submission.

c) Proof Funds Letter on bank letterhead.Compliance will take 3 to 5 banking days

The actual Investment Packages we offer is the 1M € HUMANITARIAN INVESTMENT PROGRAM but I can arrange for different investment amounts of 10M or 100M etc. Add a Bullet to multiply x 3 your Investment in 30 days and other ingredients where you can get 100% weekly, get an extension during 5 years and end up in the Thousands of Millions of $ or € value.

Good Luck and see you in our LOBBY businesses…

Nando Pons
Mobile:+34 622835410 (WhatsApp) Email: Skype: Nando Pons nando.pons_1