Hello, I am a Spaniard who has held management positions for many years of my professional life. Currently retired, but with a very lucrative business portfolio that can be practiced since behind there is an exhaustive Market Study and a good Business Plan and I also have a team of professionals in all areas such as administration, internet, commercial etc.

To mention a few… I am:

  • Developer of Business Models such as an offshore Bank, a Retirement Plan, a Multilevel Company etc.
  • Invited by one of the 10 Legal TRADERS in the world with investment topics Small Cap, HYIP, PPP and all kinds of Bank Documents
  • Legal Representative of INVENTORS of Clean Energies.
  • Together with my team of experts, we advise you on Hurricane Resistant Homes, Low Energy Houses, and Best Countries for a Second Residence or Citizenship.
  • Another of the star businesses is on the TOURISM industry in areas of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or the Philippines with energy savings in all types of construction (Hotels, Residences, Chalets, etc.) and Catamarans (yachts) with solar energy.

TODAY WHAT BRINGS ME HERE is to teach the INVESTOR to make the best investment RISK FREE of your life.

As you have read before, I am a guest of a TRADER and with one of the thousands of Legal Investment Platforms that are in this business industry, I have the BEST and most profitable Program that you can imagine.

Read the details in the following PROGRAM button.


I suppose that by now you will have realized that there are no jobs … or you believe it or there is no job because all this swirl of the pandemic what it really is, is a DEMIA PLAN.

The AGENT we are looking for is the one capable of introducing at least one INVESTOR and earning a commission as large as the first part of what an INVESTOR is going to earn, which is 2.5 Million Euros. (+ 25M at the end of COMPOUND etc.)

AGENT read the PROGRAM button very carefully and if you have any questions, please ask. You will be an AGENT until you “sell” your first PROGRAM. Then you will be one more INVESTOR.

Nando Pons. Email: [email protected] Mobile-WhatsApp +34 622 83 54 10 Skype: nando.pons_1