As you have already read in the NANDO button, I am an “Invited by one of the 10 (ten) Legal TRADERS” These who invite you and do the DUE DILIGENCE (investigations of who you are) that there is in the world with investment issues Small Cap, HYIP, PPP and all kinds of Bank Documents …

THE PROGRAM is none other than a Banking Document, MONETIZE IT in the First twenty Banking days (30 days including weekends) and COMPOUND it during the rest of the Program, which are forty Banking Weeks.

Today, unfortunately, what was a matter of 20/30 days and making the MONETIZATION and earning the first tranche, you have to “cue” and get in line for about three or four months so that the Program enters with the TRADER. Even so, with what the Program pays, it is worth the wait as it is the MOST PROFITABLE PROGRAM IN HISTORY (just after WWII).

THE CONTRACT of € 300,000.00 euros of value will oblige the INVESTOR to agree that …

  1. When the Banking Document is MONETIZED, the INVESTOR accepts that the monetization is Ten (10) Million € euros, the distribution of which will be 2.5 Million for the INVESTOR and 7.5 Million for the NANDO advisory team (here we get a better share)
  2. When it is into COMPOUND whose final figure cannot be published, the INVESTOR accepts that its part is Twenty-five (25) Million € euros and the remaining paid to the NANDO advisory team.

THE CONTRACT will also say that in the next Programs that the INVESTOR exercises during the next five years, he will honor a commission of one Million € euros when MONETIZING and nothing else when COMPOUND. The INVESTOR should know that due to the large amount paid “non-refundable” Program, TRADERS are very aware that 30% should be dedicated to Humanitarian Programs. NANDO is going to teach INVESTOR that it makes common sense for the INVESTOR to register an NGO (Non-Government Organization) for these purposes.

THE INVESTOR should know that we WILL NOT ADMIT your Investment Program without first having signed a contract with NANDO and follow a seminar via Skype or Messenger and files by Email. This imposition is because this sector of Investment Programs has a 90% failure rate where the INVESTOR is obliged to return the amounts received “non-refundable” for having breached one or more of the TWELVE RULES of the regulation and they are always the same for GREED and for SHOPPING. When the seminar I will explain. This also implies that INVESTOR will be black listed therefore INVESTOR is not allowed to do any other Program.

THE CONTRACT includes a very intense seminar where you learn how to have hundreds of Programs underway without knowledge of the ten TRADERS. You also have the Registration of an IBC (International Business Company) in a Caribbean country, the opening of a Bank account and Debit Card issued by a Bank of Singapore and all in defense of your wealth and assets.

THE CONTRACT is of course is not free and you can pay it with six installments of € 15,000.00 each. You should know that the seminar alone is valued at more than € 250,000.00 euros by a Platform and its team and does not include the expenses of the registration of an IBC, (International Business Company), the opening of the Bank Account, the issue of the Debit Card etc.

YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED TO KNOW that my more than 150 Investment Programs of 1 Million performed by Chinese Companies (since 2000 after visiting China every year for Market Research reasons, I kept my resident in China from 2003 to 2015) have been 100 % successful. The more than 150 Manufacturers renewed and expanded their Factories, renewed machinery, laboratories, Real Estate premises and Sports facilities, etc. The two 100 Million PPP Programs have also been (continue to be) an extraordinary success; one for Electric Motors Company from Montmelo, Barcelona and another for Sarao Motors of the Philippines to change the 400 thousand engines to Jeepneys vehicles in the Philippines. What a pity that the Catalans and the Filipinos have not enriched themselves since these two PPPs are going to pay some 6,000.00 Million euros each to the Chinese IBC after the 5-year extension, which by the way was managed by me, Nando .

AGENT, I believe you follow what is there for you… your “commission” is that if you introduce an INVESTOR, when we receive the MONETIZATION, my group (NANDO) we are going to put an Investment Program of € 300,000.00 euros so that you earn 2.5 Million when MONETIZATION and 25 Million after forty weeks of the COMPOUND … Plus of course free seminar, free IBC registration, free Bank account and Debit Card as a plus and from the second Program on, … the same conditions as any other INVESTOR. AGENT, with just one “SALE” YOU HAVE MORE THAN SORTED OUT YOUR LIFE AND THE LIFE OF MANY OTHERS

Nando Pons. Email: [email protected]  Mobile-WhatsApp +34 622 83 54 10 Skype: nando.pons_1

  1. 1) Sign the Agreement with Nando. 2) Send the fee(s). 3) Talk to the Platform Manager. A three party WhatsApp call. 4) Send the 300K to the Platform Bank account. 5) Receive the Platform Guaranty Program. Unfortunately, now under the coronavirus we have to cue and enter in the Program at TRADER schedule.

PS2. For your information, 1) the Platform is the BEST Swiss Platform with over 20 years in the business and 2) the top Bank is the BEST rated AAA Bank in the City of London